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.c. it takes place in cia headquarters of the pentagon and the white house. so it's funny for me to be writing a story about a military operation were 90% of the story takes place in washington d.c. but that is what the story actually unfolded. today, unique among presidents of the united states, president obama is almost daily giving a dossier on the targeted. this is someone who's in the crosshairs of the cia or the military and obama for direct or petraeus how to make a decision about whether to shoot at a target, whether to take that person out. i know presidents have to make critically important decision affecting thousands and hundreds of thousands of lives throughout the history of this country. but it seems to me to be a new development for the president at the united states to be decided on individual targets around the world on a regular basis. i think that is probably one of the most unique developments in modern war and kind of defines right at the nature of this war that we're fighting. obama, when he said that he was willing to personally take up arms against al qaeda is now quit
'ath, a pentagon staff talk more than they should about what happens. i don't think anyone gave away national secrets but they did deliver misinformation credit characterize the seal rate as the intense firefight. it wasn't. the seals were fired upon one's. they returned fire, the guy who shot at them died. after that there was no more shooting. going to the house room by room in the adult male were sealed once they were fired upon. they cannot wait so they went through the house shot to every adult male in-house accidentally shot the wife of of one of the men. to characterize that to wac people the firefight is a stretch. reflecting animus toward bin laden he had been the big life of luxury, i don't know about you but as somebody locked me in a house with 12 children and the three wives, five years, i would not call that looks serious. apparently the wives did not get along well. you can accuse bin laden of many things that he would never go for the good life. he did not have air-conditioning, refrigerat ors comment he saw himself as a holy warrior living a life in preparation to go to the h
think all of the forces in the pentagon and the white house and probably the state department believed that saddam hussein had been so fatally weakened in 1991 that he could never survive. as it turned out in fact that the essential forces of the republican guard and of his command and control structure had survived and as we saw with the slaughter of the shi'ites very shortly thereafter he was able to maintain his repressive regime. the question you directly asked me, should we have gone into baghdad? that would have been hard to do. that wasn't what the coalition had been formed to do. i doesn't -- he said dafle, say in the book we should have gone into baghdad. but i think the situation was badly misread and clearly it would have been better for the world, i think, had saddam hussein been sufficiently weakened so that his regime could have been toppled from within if only that. >> let me ask you about the war in iraq. as someone who asks others about this in your job -- >> this war now. >> this war now, and it's entirely up to you, do you feel strongly about the war one way or the o
're helpless. on wednesday i was at the pentagon, i was lucky enough to be there when a colleague of mine, technical sergeant joe delauria, he got a silver star for his actions in afghanistan. he was clearing a landing zone, there was a marine that had been hurt. they called in the medevac helicopter comes in, he's trying to clear the area to make sure the helicopter's not going to land on an ied. he steps on one. he lost both legs and his left arm, okay? so when i say i am lucky and i had an average experience, you know, joe was my reference. i don't want to speak for joe. he might tell you that he was lucky. he had good people that put three tourniquets on him and got him through it okay. we have a memorial down in the the -- down in florida where all the eod techs go to school. everybody that died in the line of duty since world war ii, essentially, since the school opened. so we put more names on the memorial last year than we have put on since 1945. and all told since 9/11, it's 120. now, 120, you know, that number might feel low compared to the thousands that we have lost overall, a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4